Motif Bunga Anggerik Air (Bunga Keladi Buncis)

Motif Bunga Anggerik Air (Bunga Keladi Buncis)

Bunga Keladi Buncis

Bunga Keladi Buncis or Bunting is the Nettle flower with white and purple expression. Its scientific name is Eichhornia crassipes and grows on the water surface. Originates from the Pontederi family, this plant possesses indistinct stem while the stalk could grow big enough to store water.

It has a unique C shaped leaf with waxed like surface and spread vegetatively when the seedlings separated from the parent tree.

As a plant it appears quite dainty and delicate. Nevertheless it possesses the ability to treat heavy metal in aquatic system, fuel or ceramic waste while being widely used as livestock feed.

Collectively, this flower may appear to look like lavender of the Malay Archipelago. Its subtle and understated beauty reflects Malay’s humility, culture as well as conduct-embodying Malaysia’s values as a whole. Hence the name Bunga Anggerik Air for the motif or Water Lavender is truly apt to demonstrate the flower’s essence of existence.

Gentle expression, this flower captures Malay’s divine artistic manifestation of being and refined way of delivering a message apparent in crafts, lifestyle, dressing, thoughts and all forms of communications.

Therefore, a motif developed based on this flower encapsulates the existence of our nation’s identity that physically can resonate with everyone, universally.


Motif Bunga Anggerik Air

The motif has been developed with three curled petals and two elongated extensions appearing like open arms with a center head. The head exudes a feminine energy and a facial expression complete with two eyes, a nose as if peeking out of a hoodie.

A balanced overall display, embodying Malay’s subtlety of artistic beauty, taking inspiration from nature, its substance and loaded with life’s lessons. There is always deep significance in Malay custom or culture for every decision. Nothing is left secluded. Everything is fractal.

Keladi buncis di atas air
Indah bercanda merakam damai
Budi dan kasih tiada berakhir
Di dalam dada terus bersemai

Nettle flowers on the water surface
Beautiful display capturing peace
Kindness and love is forever timeless
In the heart it grows like eternal bliss

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