Motif Bunga Mahkota (Bunga Durian)

Motif Bunga Mahkota (Bunga Durian)

Bunga Durian

Bunga durian or the Durian flower, is considered a seasonal vegetable appearing once or twice a year. In Malay gastronomy, it is not something new. To the Sarawakian, the flower is sweet with a crispy texture. However, you have to be knowledgable with its preparation method as the flower pistils contain this slime like rubber that has to be properly cleaned.

In Malaysia, Durian with its scientific name Durio zibethinus, is known as the King of Fruit. The Durian is cultivated in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and southern Thailand. Although it’s a favorite of many, there still exists a love hate relationship even with the locals. You either love it, or hate it. There is no in between as despite the mild sweet flavour of Durian, it also has a pungent odour that repels many. This bold and spiky fruit makes no apologies. An acquired taste, the smell of Durian evokes reactions from deep appreciation to intense disgust.

The beautiful durian flower is categorized under a COMPLETE FLOWER as it contains a stigma and stamen in one. The shape of flowers may vary where the length could extend up to 15cm. In the beginning the stem would surface with bouqets of flowers in pale brownish green and starts to bloom on certain times to allow pollination. Like other dioceous tree, Durian flower has stem and filamen that produce pollens. It is a heterozygous plant that faces difficulties to self pollinate and performs better in cross pollination.

Due to its significant existence in the Malay world the Durian flower is chosen as one of the motifs to represent our uniqueness, our boldness, our resilience and the paradox of strength and still, fine sweetness apparent in the flower expression in contrast to the spiky, sharp exterior of its fruit.


Motif Bunga Mahkota

It is the ultimate combination of divine feminine and divine masculine through a glorious fruit, the yin and yang with perfect balance. That unique combination reflects the flexibility of our nation while still retaining our culture and heritage.

Being the king of fruit, it is only fitting that the floral motif is named Bunga Mahkota, as the pale yellow flower exudes its authenticity in the most stunning manner like a host of glorious royalty entertaining their subjects in a brilliant show of sights and wonders. Sometimes they appear like luscious yellow sakuras on high trees above the ground, displaying their beauty collectively to the audience on the ground. Their mere existence seem to be solely for the pleasure of human’s eyes to savour in bliss with admiration and gratitude.

The motif is illustrated with a centre flower or head and two stems extended out as if in the middle of a dance movement, prancing gently while the leaves surrounding the focal flower elegantly following the flow. This design is very soft, feminine and artistic, delicate in nature.

Bunga Durian Bunga Kiambang
Tinggi di langit, bertaut di air
Mesra melayan bila bertandang
Hilanglah sakit dibibir bersyair

Durian flowers, Floating Flowers
High in the sky and float in water
Joyfully entertain thy blessed visitors
Pain disappears prayer you utter

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