Motif Kunyit Susun (Bunga Kunyit)

Motif Kunyit Susun (Bunga Kunyit)

Bunga Kunyit

Turmeric flowers are dainty and luscious usually come in white or yellow, or at times may express themselves with a hint of deep lilac. The flower grows in between turmeric’s wide leaves yet with narrow edges at the end.

Turmeric flowers grow in bunches with a scale like motion surrounding its parent. One of the popular herbs in the Malay gastronomy-turmeric, its leaves and the flowers are all significant ingredients in our cuisine.

The flowers especially, are great to be eaten raw as ‘ulam’ (Malay salad) with sambal, budu or other condiments and dips. They are especially beneficial for mothers in confinement to expedite healing of internal wounds and strengthening back the wombs, to return the body to its original state or condition.

High in antioxidants, the plant is a wonderful anti aging supplement to be consumed for maintaining overall beauty and well being.

Apart from the flower, the plant’s roots and rhizome is used a lot in food preparation as well as medicinal purposes. The potent cucurmin content gives that deep yellow pigment and becomes an active medication ingredient. They are usually dried first and then grounded into powder.

Turmeric is a powerful antiseptic and an antibacteria agent. It is also used a lot to treat joint pains, asthma, digestive problems, jaundice, liver and gall bladder issues as well as for uterus health. In fact, when applied on the face, it helps to treat acnes and promotes skin smoothness and regeneration.


Motif Kunyit Susun

Turmeric Flower is a plant that is truly worthy to become one of the motifs due to its sigficant role in the Malay world. As a motif it encapsulates the Malay essence of beauty, structure and service values.

Visually the flowers have an upward, growth like, triangular shape structure almost like the ‘sirih junjung’ (betel lord) arrangement used in Malay tradional wedding functions. Hence, the motif is named ‘Kunyit Susun’ where the word ‘susun’ means to arranged or planned.

It is a simple, clean, distinct motif projecting a sturdy appearance with a confident stature. Not much curly or curvy detailings yet it embodies the strength, beauty and values of the Malays through its upright position communicating how we uphold and preserve our heritage as well as standing up for what is right.

Bunga kunyit bunga tanjung
Disusun cantik di atas dulang
Budi baik sentiasa dijunjung
Jadi amalan tamadun gemilang

Turmeric Flower and Cape Flower
On the tray, we arranged nicely
Kindness remains timeless forever
A great mark of a nation definitely

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