Motif Sehayat Jingga (Bunga Labu)

Motif Sehayat Jingga (Bunga Labu)


Bunga Labu

Pumpkin is one of the prophetic healing foods or Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). It is considered a herbal, creeping plant with deep orange flesh.

The plant is a suitable summer plant that requires a temperature of between 25 to 35 degree celcius to accelerate flower production and maturity for harvesting.

In the Malay world – the pumpkin, the seeds as well as the leaves are used in our cooking and for overall health. Pumpkin is usually simmered in coconut milk to make the ‘masak lemak’ dish to be eaten with rice. It is also made into various Malay kuih (cakes) or desserts such ‘Sira Labu’ , ‘Pengat Labu’ and ‘Lepat Labu’. The leaves are also cooked in Malay dish to be eaten with rice.

Pumpkin seeds apart from being eaten as snacks, also contain various health benefits. They are great to combat stress, aid in better sleep, improve digestion, strengthen the heart, support weight loss, improves men’s health, help hair growth, high in antioxidants, prevent cancer and control blood sugar.

The pumpkin flower has petals that are deep yellow or orange when mature. Before blooming it usually curls up and closely guarded as if shy to make an appearance. The flower has a male and a female where they need help in pollination at times.


Motif Sehayat Jingga

As a motif, it is named ‘Sehayat Jingga’ or a Lifetime of Orange. The expression of vibrancy and warmth can be felt from the illustration where the movement is upward and lifted. If we were to repeat the same motif but in an opposite mirroring effect, some what, a heart shape will appear in the middle to connect it all together creating a chain of heart centred pattern.

Just like their nature of having a male and a female flower that sometimes require assistance to pollinate and produce fruits; the motif becomes a metaphor of the Malay community and the crucial roles everyone plays to support its growth as well as the entire ecosystem. It is a loving community expressed in actions rather than just merely lip service.

Sehayat Jingga nama diberi
Mekar menyerlah menyeri ruang
Sehayat kasih menabur bakti
Mekar berbuah legasi gemilang

A lfetime of Orange, the name given
Brightly bloom uplifting the space
A lifetime of service for the loving nation
Brightly continues a legacy of greatness

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