Motif Labu Sayong Serangkai


Labu Sayong Serangkai from Perak is adored for its practical usage and charming elegance. The vase designed with a pumpkin-shaped base is a common fixture in many homes, used to store water for drinking or bringing down the room temperature. A floral motif is fashioned from Labu Sayong Serangkai’s pumpkin-shaped base, with open petals forming a pillowy shape.


Labu Sayong Serangkai, an iconic traditional water pitcher, is meticulously crafted from  terra-cotta clay sourced near streams, riverbanks, and paddy fields, showcasing the skilled artistry and cultural significance deeply rooted in the heritage of Kuala Kangsar, Perak. This unique vessel, with its distinctive pumpkin-like shape, has evolved from the age-old practice of using dried gourds to a refined art form made from carefully selected, high-quality clay.

Beyond its utilitarian role as a water container, Labu Sayong holds a special place in Malay traditions, believed to have therapeutic properties, particularly in treating ailments like fever, offering naturally chilled water. The craft of making Labu Sayong involves the traditional 'Teknik Tekan' technique, a testament to the precision and expertise of predominantly women artisans. As a cultural symbol and functional masterpiece, Labu Sayong not only quenches thirst but also serves as a captivating display of artistic heritage, connecting the past with the present in the heart of Kuala Kangsar.

The Motif:

The Labu Sayong Serangkai, with its unique and captivating design motifs, extends its influence beyond its origin as a water pitcher, becoming an inspiring design motif for a broader range of applications. The intricate carvings, such as the graceful Bunga Tanjong, the elegant Bunga Cengkih, and the detailed Bunga Cakar Ayam, showcase a rich cultural tapestry that transcends regional boundaries. These timeless patterns, drawn from the natural world, find a versatile home in various design contexts. Whether incorporated into textiles, ceramics, or architectural elements, the Labu Sayong Serangkai motifs add a touch of heritage and sophistication to contemporary designs.

The Labu Sayong Serangkai motifs lend themselves to a multitude of creative expressions, making them suitable for decorative elements in homes, hotels, or public spaces. Their adaptability infuses a sense of cultural identity and aesthetic allure. Beyond their visual appeal, the Labu Sayong Serangkai motifs can convey narratives of tradition, craftsmanship, and a connection to nature. In the realm of fashion, these motifs can adorn clothing, accessories, or even inspire modern reinterpretations of traditional attire. The Labu Sayong Serangkai design language, rooted in Perak's cultural heritage, thus becomes a timeless source of inspiration, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary design sensibilities.

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