The concluding motifs crafted within the Corak Malaysia initiative have been officially copyrighted for public use across various forms of art and craft. The primary objective of the Corak Malaysia Project is to forge a fresh and distinctive identity for Malaysian motifs and patterns. The realization of this goal becomes tangible when a multitude of individuals, particularly Malaysians, actively incorporate the 20 designated motifs into their creative endeavors, presenting each with their unique stylistic interpretations.

By encouraging widespread adoption and reinterpretation, the Corak Malaysia Project aims to foster a sense of ownership and cultural connection among the Malaysian populace. It aspires to cultivate a vibrant tapestry where these motifs evolve beyond traditional boundaries, adapting to contemporary expressions while preserving the essence of Malaysia's rich artistic heritage. The copyrighted motifs thus serve as a catalyst for a broader cultural conversation, transforming into a shared visual language that transcends conventional artistic practices.

  • Nik Faiz Nik Amin: Director

  • Nur Shahini: Administration

  • Ahmad Naim: Finance

  • Shafiq Azhar: Designer