New Message to Welcome 2024

Step into the vibrant world of Corak Malaysia, where we extend a warm welcome to you. Immerse yourself in the unveiling of The New Motif Edition 2024, a celebration of our profound cultural roots and a bold step into the future.

This edition embodies the fusion of time-honored heritage and contemporary innovation, promising a seamless integration of tradition and modernity. Join us on this exciting journey as we showcase the harmonious blend of our rich legacy with cutting-edge design in The New Motif Edition 2024.

– Nik Faiz Nik Amin, Director of Corak Malaysia.

Introducing Our New Motifs in 2024

We invite you to explore the vibrant palette and intricate patterns that encapsulate the spirit of this new era. From bold and modern interpretations to delicate nods to heritage, our 2024 motifs are a celebration of diversity and craftsmanship. Join us in this visual odyssey as we introduce designs that resonate with the pulse of the present while preserving the essence of our artistic heritage. Embrace the beauty, embrace the narrative – our new motifs for 2024 are a testament to the evolution of artistry and a reflection of the dynamic spirit that propels us into the future.

Unveiling our latest motifs for the year 2024, we embark on a journey of creativity and inspiration that promises to redefine aesthetic boundaries. These fresh designs seamlessly blend innovation with tradition, creating a visual tapestry that speaks to the contemporary while paying homage to timeless influences.In this collection, each motif tells a story – a narrative woven with threads of cultural richness and artistic ingenuity.

Our Motif Researchers

  • Norhaiza Noordin: Researcher (2023)

    Norhaiza Noordin, the esteemed master woodcarver, was born in 1963 and has established his residence in Kampung Raja, Besut, Terengganu. His initiation into the world of woodcarving took root during his formative years, propelling him onto a trajectory of artistic brilliance and exceptional craftsmanship.
  • Jennifer P. Linggi: Researcher (2023)

    Driven by a fervent commitment to safeguard the endangered traditional weaving skills of her homeland, Jennifer P Linggi, a dedicated curator at the Sabah Art Gallery, invested numerous years immersed in the vibrant kampungs of Sabah. In her quest, she delved into the heart of these communities, meticulously studying their lifestyles.
  • Yunizam Yahaya: Researcher (2023)

    Yunizam Yahaya, also famously known as Che Long, is a talented carver based in Penang Island. With extensive experience, Che Long has contributed significantly in terms of ideas and execution in the carving industry in Malaysia. Starting off by learning under Adiguru Norhaiza Noordin, Che Long has grown his talent into specific metal carving.
  • Azzaha Ibrahim: Researcher (2022)

    Meet Azzaha Ibrahim, our Lead Researcher for #ProjekCORAK, affectionately known as Abe Ha. With over 20 years in traditional Malay architecture, he's not just an architect but also an artist and independent researcher. Abe Ha combines rich experience with a passion for preserving and innovating within the realm of Malay traditional architecture.
  • Motif Penyu

    Rupa cangkerang tersusun cantik. Menjadi inspirasi para karyawan. Motif Penyu lengkung melentik. Simbolik Terengganu Darul Iman.

  • Motif Rimau

    Harimau Belang simbolik negara. Berani dan kuat, unik dan teguh. Motif Rimau inspirasi Malaysia. Di mata dunia tegap dan ampuh

  • Motif Lapan

    Lapan segi segenap sisi. Bentuk simetri pilihan hati. Motif Lapan nama diberi. Pilihan inspirasi dulu dan kini.

  • Motif Karil

    Motif Karil diberi nama. Format natural dari flora. Inspirasi kampung untuk semua. Bentuk organik menawan jiwa.

  • Motif Patin Mas

    Ke Sungai Pahang mengail ikan. Hajatnya untuk dimasak tempoyak. Motif Patin Mas menjadi pilihan. Untuk simbolik dibuat corak

  • Motif Siantan Pemanis

    Pokok Siantan di depan rumah. Menjadi pagar berwarna merah. Siantan Pemanis motif yang menyerlah. Tersusun indah sangat meriah

  • Motif Mandung Laga

    Mandung Laga nama tertera. Motif cantik tersusun bentuknya. Berdiri megah segak mendada. Saiz kecil mengundang bahaya

  • Motif Labu Sayong Serangkai

    Kuala Kangsar Bandar Diraja. Tempat bersejarah dahulu kala. Labu Sayong perkakas ternama. Diguna pakai kini dan selamanya

  • Motif Kembang Seraya

    Kelopak nya lima si bunga raya. Warna nya terang merah menyala. Motif Kembang Seraya diberi nama. Sinonim dengan rakyat Malaysia

  • Motif Harum Manis

    Warna kuning tampak berseri. Rasa lazat semerbak aroma. Harum Manis nama diberi. Dari Perlis ke seluruh dunia

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CORAK: Craft & Copyright

The project focuses on strengthening the identity of our Malaysian heritage through the development of motifs inspired by the richness of local flora and fauna.

One of our main goals for CORAK is to foster love for Malaysian craftsmanship, not only in its physical manifestations but also in its spiritual aspects, mystical stories, and deeper meanings behind each creation. Malaysia is a country with diverse ethnicities in Southeast Asia.


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