Motif Bunga Susun Tunggal (Pokok Kiambang)

Motif Bunga Susun Tunggal (Pokok Kiambang)

Pokok Kiambang

Kiambang Flower or The Floating Flower-also known as the Floating Lettuce, blooms widely in tropical countries and can be seen covering the surface of lakes or water in clusters. Thanks to its distinct characteristics and nature, Kiambang plays a significant role in representing the Malay mindset, philosophy, and values.

The flower is used a lot in Malay pantun – as a reflective metaphor, embodying the Malay aesthetic values as a prudent speaker to convey meanings or to make a statement relaying a specific purpose as seen above.

An independent, glorious plant that can stand alone beautifully yet still able to unite and co-exist or co-sharing the space with each other truly captures the essence of the Malays. The current slogan of ‘Keluarga Malaysia’ can be seen in the way Kiambang expressed its true nature.

Despite hit by major challenges-like Kiambang when the boat passed, will quickly reconnect with each other and come together, creating still a beautiful picture in the water. With that in mind, Kiambang is an ideal flower to be eternalized as one of the motifs developed to represent Malaysia’s identity.

Apart from its aesthetic values, Kiambang also possesses medicinal properties and other healing benefits bringing goodness to not just humans or animals but the entire ecosystem. It can be a dish in cooking, as food for animals, organic fertilizer due to its high Kalium content as well as medicine for stomach or digestive related issues, regulate healthy menstruation cycle and reduce inflammation.

In general it’s not just a stunning plant, beautiful to see. It makes itself useful to its community, serve the entire humanity and staying true to its purpose.

As a motif, the flower is expressed in a single blooming head, with two thin lines appearing like arms stretching out and slightly curled at the tips, providing balance to the structure with its skirt like base appearance.


Motif Bunga Susun Tunggal

Named as the SUSUN TUNGGAL motif, the inspiration comes from its ability to arrange itself and gather with its peers while remaining authentically, uniquely singular.

When placed side by side, a pattern of union will emerge – flowing effortlessly, capturing the floating flower essence in its true form and setting aligned with Malay design principle where everything synchronised harmoniously.

Biduk lalu kiambang bertaut
Hanyut perahu ke tepi pantai
Kisah dahulu usah disebut
Sudah tahu hajat tak sampai

The boat passed, Kiambang reunited
Gently to the shore, the boat drifted
Whatever’s in the past let it not be uttered,
Knowing the hope not manifested.

Biduk lalu kiambang bertaut
Nakhoda Kasap duduk bermenung
Gila melatah ikan di laut
Melihat umpan di kaki gunung

The boat passed, Kiambang came together
and the captain’s lost deep in his thoughts
Fish in the sea turned anxious and wilder
At the mountain’s foot seeing the bait shot.

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