Motif Harum Manis


Buah Pauh (the mango), particularly the Harum Manis variety, stands as an emblematic fruit of the northern Malaysian state of Perlis. This tropical fruit plays a pivotal role in the state's agro-economic landscape. The luscious shape of Buah Pauh and its slender leaves serve as the foundation of a timeless motif with universal appeal.


Mempelam Harum Manis, scientifically known as Mangifera indica Linn, stands out as a seasonal fruit synonymous with Perlis, particularly the MA 128 mango clone, recognised as one of Malaysia's premier mango breeds. Named for its fragrant aroma and sweet taste, Harum Manis thrives in Perlis due to the fertile soil and hot weather, creating optimal conditions for growth and quality production. Its unique curved bottom and yellowish-orange contents distinguish it from other mango varieties. Harum Manis is prized for its smooth, fiber-light texture, making it ideal for consumption on its own or with glutinous rice or as a refreshing juice. The limited flowering season, lasting only a month or a month and a half, sets Harum Manis apart, contributing to its exclusivity and high demand, both locally and internationally, including in the Japanese market. The State Department of Agriculture closely monitors and regulates Harum Manis Perlis fruit trees to maintain quality, ensuring that each tree, producing between 200 to 300 mangoes, undergoes a meticulous grading process. After grading, washing, and hot water treatment, the Harum Manis fruit is fermented for 72 hours, ensuring a premium product for consumers.

The Motif:

The captivating beauty of the Mempelam Harum Manis extends beyond its delectable taste and fragrant aroma, making it an enchanting inspiration for design motifs. The distinct shape of the Harum Manis mango, characterised by its unique curvature at the bottom and a smooth, symmetrical silhouette, lends itself effortlessly to aesthetic interpretations. The mango's elongated form, coupled with the gentle curve, creates an elegant and visually appealing profile that can be seamlessly incorporated into various design elements.

Design motifs inspired by the shape of the Mempelam Harum Manis can highlight the fruit's graceful curves and refined details, offering a sense of natural elegance. The mango's distinctive features, including its yellowish-orange hue and smooth texture, provide a rich colour palette and textural elements that can be explored in creative expressions. The unique shape of the Harum Manis mango, whether stylised or abstracted, adds a touch of sophistication to design, evoking a sense of tropical allure and culinary delight.

Beyond its culinary significance, the Mempelam Harum Manis shape becomes a symbol of cultural identity, particularly in the context of Perlis. The mango's exclusive and limited flowering season further enhances its appeal, making it a precious and sought-after motif in design. Whether applied to textiles, decorative arts, or even architectural elements, the beauty of the Mempelam Harum Manis shape serves as a delightful homage to nature's aesthetics and the unique characteristics of this renowned mango variety.

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