Motif Lapan


The octagon motif is often cherished by Malaysian craft makers, appearing in various cultural crafts like embroidery, woven textiles, baskets, hats and mats. Artisans bring this motif to life using materials like pandan leaves or bamboo strips, employing weaving or sewing techniques on textiles. Resembling a flower or a star, this charismatic motif is also known by several names like Bunga Pecah Lapan, Bunga Bintang Beralih, and Bunga Matahari.


The octagon motif holds a captivating history deeply woven into the fabric of Malaysian cultural crafts. Revered by artisans, this distinctive eight-sided shape graces a variety of traditional crafts, from intricate embroidery to the weaving of textiles, baskets, hats, and mats.

Rooted in Malaysian heritage, the octagon motif's enduring significance is a testament to its timeless appeal. Passed down through generations, craftsmen and craftswomen have embraced the geometric intricacies, elevating the motif to a symbol of cultural pride. Its prevalence across diverse crafts underscores its adaptability and enduring beauty.

Artisans skilfully breathe life into the octagon motif using locally sourced materials like pandan leaves or bamboo strips. Beyond adding a natural touch, these materials contribute to the crafts' sustainability and authenticity. The meticulous weaving or sewing techniques employed on textiles reflect a dedication to preserving traditional craftsmanship.

Resembling a captivating fusion of a flower and a star, the octagon motif transcends its geometric simplicity to become a charismatic symbol in Malaysian culture. Known by various names, including Bunga Pecah Lapan, Bunga Bintang Beralih, and Bunga Matahari, it carries cultural nuances and regional variations.

As Malaysian craft makers continue to honor their cultural heritage, the octagon motif remains a testament to the enduring legacy of traditional craftsmanship. Its presence in diverse crafts not only enhances aesthetic beauty but also serves as a visual narrative, connecting contemporary generations to the intricate artistry and cultural depth of their ancestors.

The Motif:

The octagon motif, locally known as Motif Lapan, is an intricately designed element deeply ingrained in Malaysian cultural crafts. Its versatility shines through diverse mediums, gracing embroidery, woven textiles, baskets, hats, and mats. This geometric design, characterised by its distinct eight-sided shape, not only holds aesthetic allure but also carries profound cultural significance.

In the realm of embroidery, artisans skilfully integrate Motif Lapan into fabrics, creating patterns that showcase the geometric precision of the octagon. The motif becomes a focal point in traditional attire, enhancing garments with a touch of cultural richness.

Woven textiles, featuring the octagon motif, undergo meticulous weaving techniques that highlight the craftsmanship behind each creation. The geometric intricacies add depth to the textiles, making them visually striking and culturally meaningful.

Motif Lapan serves as more than a design element; it acts as a cultural bridge, connecting the past and present through its enduring presence in Malaysian crafts. Its geometric charm, combined with the skill of artisans, ensures that it remains a cherished and meaningful symbol across a spectrum of traditional crafts in Malaysia.

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